FortiGate 1000D Data Sheet - Fortinet

FortiClient. VPN Client. FortiGate. NGFW. DATA. CENTER. FortiAnalyzer. Analytics-powered. Security & Log Management. FortiManager. Automation-Driven.

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FortiGate 1000D Data Sheet - Fortinet

FortiClient. VPN Client. FortiGate. NGFW. DATA. CENTER. FortiAnalyzer. Analytics-powered. Security & Log Management. FortiManager. Automation-Driven.

Fortinet PoE Injectors Data Sheet

A PoE injector makes installing FortiAP access points easy and economical. It allows you to place the FortiAP access point at its optimal location by eliminating.

FortiGate®/FortiWiFi™-60C - Fortinet

Certification. ICSA Labs: Firewall, Antivirus, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, Intrusion Prevention. Antivirus performance is measured based on HTTP traffic with 32 Kbyte ...

FortiOS Wireless LAN Controller Data Sheet - Fortinet

FortiOS. Application Control is built-in to the Wireless LAN controller and uses deep Layer-7 inspection with over 4,000 application signatures to provide ...


14 Feb 2017 ... Duraflor Ultra. SECTION I: PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION. Product Identity (As used on label and list): 5% Sodium Fluoride ...

Safety Data Sheet Active Toner - Black - Xerox Safety Data Sheets

Lexmark T650, Lexmark T652, Lexmark T654. Manufactured by. Xerox Corporation. Rochester, NY 14644. Emergency Overview. The product contains no ...

material safety data sheet - Safety Data Sheets

25 Jan 2017 ... Simplo Technology Co., Ltd. No.471, Sec.2, Pa Teh Rd,. Hu Kou 303, Hsin Chu Hsien, Taiwan. Tel : 886-3-5695920. Fax : 886-3-5695931.


(5) RESISTANCE VALUE. There are 2~4 digits indicated the resistor value. Letter R/K/M is decimal point, no need to mention the last zero after R/K/M, e.g.1K2, ...

Data sheet - OCR

The information in this sheet is for the use of candidates following the Advanced Subsidiary. GCE in Chemistry A (H032) course and Advanced GCE in ...


Pc Programmable IR Remote Control. Hotel TV. Smart PC Programmable Remote Control featuring the best Database ever, over. 260.000 codes in order to ...

Safety Data Sheet PAA

Signal Word. : Danger. Hazard Statements. : H314. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. Precautionary Statements. : Prevention: P280. Wear protective ...

Data Sheet serieTH ok.cdr

Taco Gerador Analógico. Diâmetro 58mm com flange synchro. Com escalas: 0 a 10V,. 4 a 20mA ou 0 a 20mA. ENCODER TACO GERADOR. SERIE.

Safety Data Sheet - UV

Referencia. : 246425. Marca. : Aldrich. REACH No. : Un número de registro no está disponible para esta sustancia, ya que la sustancia o sus usos están ...

Data Sheet -

(TOKO:DE4518C). C=22µF. R1=390kΩ,. R2=75kΩ. CH5 Reversal -6.5. 2.5. 100 L=4.7µH. (TOKO:DE2815). C=10µF. R1=156kΩ,. R2=30kΩ. Cc=1000pF. 2.5.

data sheet - Arduino

DESCRIPTION. The 74HC/HCT595 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devices and are pin compatible with low power Schottky TTL. (LSTTL). They are specified in ...


4 Dec 2015 ... SDS Number: R0702896. Natrosol™ FPS-HB Hydroxyethylcellulose. ™ Trademark, Ashland or its subsidiaries, registered in various countries.

Oracle Data Sheet

VSAM. Supports both Read and. Write operations. • SQL access to VSAM data sets. • Standards based support.

INTRALINK | Data Sheet

QPSK, 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 / 256-QAM. QPSK, 16- ... 16. STM-1 / VC-12 (оптический / электрический). 3. -. GbE 4 (плюс один ... Внешние радиоблоки (ODUs).

OmniBAS | Data Sheet

4 / 16 / 32 / 64 / 128 / 256-QAM. Рабочее ... 2. 6 (защищенный/ незащищенный). E1 (Pseudo-Wires). 16. 16. 32 / 64 ... Внешние радиоблоки (ODUs).

data sheet - Biakom

type, temperature coefficient, taping reel and resistance value. ... For further marking information, please see special data sheet “Chip resistors marking”. Fig.

SEL-587Z Data Sheet

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. SEL-587Z Data Sheet. SEL-587Z High-Impedance. Differential and Overcurrent Relay. Bus or Transformer Protection.

Data sheet PA2200

Z Direction. 50. MPa. Strain at break. ISO 527-1/-2. X Direction. 20. %. Y Direction. 20. %. Z Direction. 10. %. Charpy impact strength ( 23°C, X Direction). 53.

Data Sheet - SECTRON sro

Please go to for the latest documentation and tools, part numbers and ordering information. 420 556 621 030 [email protected]


Wicker / Opera Prima. Composition. -. 75% Vinyl 25% polyester. backing 100% ... Sound Insulation. Raised Access Floor Tiles. EN ISO 10140-3:2011. 13 dB.

Data Sheet - NetSuite

L260-GQ2G 100% squeeze tube 2 g. L260-GQ1. 100% jar. 28 g. L260-GQ8TP 100% grease tube 226 g. L260-GQ8. 100% jar. 226 g. L260-GQ35 100% pail.

PIC16F631/677/685/687/689/690 Data Sheet

Most Current Data Sheet. To obtain the most up-to-date version of this data sheet, please register at our ... help get up to speed quickly using PIC® micro-.

Data Sheet -

The Versatile Link series is a complete family of fiber optic link components for applications requiring a low cost solution. The HFBR-0500Z series includes trans-.


BOTTOM FREEZER - R134a. CAUTION. All electrical parts and wiring must be shielded from torch flame. DO NOT allow torch to touch insulation; it will char at ...

POL-EKO-APARATURA sp.j. Data sheet

POL-EKO-APARATURA sp.j. overall dims [mm] /2/ width A. 620 height B. 860 depth C. 650 internal dims [mm] /3/ width D. 480 width D'. 520.

CC1020 Data Sheet

End of cal on ibrati. Wait for Calibration time or read STATUS register and wait u. CAL_COMPLETE=1 ntil. Star calibra ibrate RX frequency register A t dual tion.

OVA 5000 Data Sheet

The Luna OVA 5000 is the fastest, most accurate and economical tool for loss ... measure the linear transfer function (Jones Matrix) and simultaneously measure ...

Safety Data Sheet According to 91/155 EC - Sto SEA

Page 01 of 05. Safety Data Sheet. According to 91/155 EC. Reviewed on April 2016. 1. Identification of substance. *Product details. *Trade name StoColor Latex ...

HP 50g Data Sheet - HP Calculators

HP 50g. Graphing Calculator. Powerful graphing calculator. You'll get a large high-contrast screen, useful SD card slot, a massive 2.5MB of memory2 and a ...

24AA256/LC/FC Data Sheet

28 Oct 2013 ... This device also has a page write capability of up to 64 bytes of data. This device is capable of both random and sequential reads up to the ...

data sheet - Pure Aqua, Inc.

Standard NBR seals with alternative options for temperature and chemical ... 5CP6241CS. MATL. 5CP6251. MATL. 310. 33972. NBR. 33972. NBR. 33972. NBR.

safety data sheet - Tikkurila

TEMABOND ST 200. SAFETY DATA SHEET. Product name. TEMABOND ST 200. Conforms to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH), Annex II, as amended ...