The Position of the Grafio in the Constitutional History of ... - jstor

Quod cum decem docis [= duces] ... , exceptis co- mitebus plurimis qui docem super se non habebant, in Wasconia cum exercito perrixsissent" (a. 635, ibid., p.

The Position of the Grafio in the Constitutional History of ... - jstor - Documentos relacionados

The Position of the Grafio in the Constitutional History of ... - jstor

Quod cum decem docis [= duces] ... , exceptis co- mitebus plurimis qui docem super se non habebant, in Wasconia cum exercito perrixsissent" (a. 635, ibid., p.

Position of Pronoun Objects in Brazilian Portuguese - jstor

a frase com pronome obliquo. Nada prova este caso isolado contra a. Trata-se de um proverbio em frase optativa e, como todos sabem, as f trazem o verbo no ...

The new laws of history - jstor

the ars historica in the sixteenth century have been offered. Cot ... 'Juan Luis Vives y la conception de la historiografia integral', Revista de la Universidad, La.

Benveniste and History - jstor

Benveniste and History. Literary critics and theorists have approached the work of Emile. Benveniste in a most selective manner. Again and again, they have.

Early History of Al-Qa'ida - jstor

Afghan jihad' (holy war) and together with Abdullah Azzam founded the Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK) or 'Office of Services'. MAK functioned as a recruiting.

What Is the History of Books? - jstor

and anyone else who wanted to understand the book as a force in history. The history of books began to acquire its own journals, research centers, confer ences ...

The Canudos War in History - jstor

In Euclides da Cunha's positivistic account, Os Sertoes, the sertanejos were products of their physical ... ity of its attributes. The Brazilian is a complex mixture of ...

“Can Anybody Fly This Thing?” Appropriations of History in ... - Jstor

8 Feb 2019 ... Above the noise of the engines, the guitar of Jonny Buckland is heard, and then the voice of Coldplay lead vocalist Chris Martin with the first line ...

Review of The History of Reading - jstor

Association of Kindred Spirits': Black Readers and their Reading Rooms” by Elizabeth. McHenry; “Self-Development” by James Secord; and, as a contemporary ...

A Brief History of Japanese Robophilia - jstor

stated that "Japanese robot technology will change the world" [1]. The roots of this ... between military equipment and samurai armor (to this day, almost all ...

The Bondi Surfer: An Underdeveloped History - jstor

historians have yet to narrativize surfing at Bondi and the Bondi surfer as a clearly identifiable and ... See also Bill James, “Bondi's Bogyman,”. Australian Sport ...

angelus novus, angst of history - jstor

Paul Klee's "new angel" is a figure of balanced asymmetries: upper body and ... Benjamin saw the relation between the Angelus Novus and the forces of history.

On the History and Antiquities of Tara Hill - jstor

and his posterity as kings of Ireland, as long as Irish soil should be sur rounded by the ... guages, but in the Semitic ; for it is observable, that in Arabic Sen or Senha ... to one individual, or whether there was in reality, but one saint of the name.

Four Paradigm Transformations in Oral History - jstor

Australia Journal, no. 5 (1982-83): 3-9 (Previously published in Quadra ... 19Popular Memory Group, "Popular Memory: Theory, Politics, Method,". Johnson et al.

Between Memory and History: Les Lieux de Mémoire - jstor

PIERRE NORA. Between Memory and History: Les Lieux de Memoire. THE ACCELERATION OF HISTORY: let us try to gauge the signifi- cance, beyond ...

The Obatala Factor in Yoruba History - jstor

History records it that Obatala was the ruler of the indigenous peoples of southwestern Nigeria when they were conquered by Oduduwa.1 The exact date.

Hermeticism, Esotericism, and the History of Christianity - jstor

Stephen J. Fleming, Egil Asprem, and Ann Taves. STEPHEN J. FLEMING ... gious studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Her research focuses ...

Early History of the Theory of Probability - jstor

and Kersseboom as well as texts of Certificats de rente viagère dating back to. 1228 and 1229 ;2 see my §2.3.2. Third, volume 2 oí Studies in history of statistics,.

Confucian Commentary and Chinese Intellectual History - jstor

time, place, and person, are needed to complement the normative readings; these ... produced a translation of the I ching that incorporates interlinearly the entire.

Lao history revisited: Paradoxes and problems in current ... - jstor

and the northern Thai kingdom of Lanna. Keywords: historiography ... new image and legitimacy that it conferred on the holder of temporal power. Of course, this ...

History of the Employment of Women in the American Cotton ... - jstor

cared for their operatives in carefully supervised corporation boarding-houses like those of Lowell. The rules of the Lancaster boarding-house, which have been ...

The Organizational History and Structure of the NSDAP, 1919 ... - jstor

Cameron and R. H. Stevens [New York, 1953], p. 267). 18 See Drexler to Gottfried Feder, Mar. 9,.

History and Significance of the Emic/Etic Distinction - jstor

As Ward Goodenough has written, emics is "The method of finding where something makes a difference for one's informants" (21, p. 144; see also. 20). Emic ...

Myth, History, and Intertextuality in Santomean Literature - jstor

the roças, especially the children, are nervous about the impending torrents. And ... guese is semear a tormenta, which translates literally to “sows torment,” ...

The life of concepts: Georges Canguilhem and the history of ... - jstor

Georges Canguilhem and the history of science. Henning Schmidgen. Received: 20 April 2013 /Accepted: 2 March 2014 /Published online: 20 September 2014.

Pais' 'History of Sicily and Magna Graecia' - jstor

Pennsylvania. PAIS' -ISTORY OF SICILY AND MAGrA GRAECIA. Storia della Sicilia e della Magna Grecia, di. ETTORE PAIS, Prof. ord. nella UniversirA di Pisa.

The Secret of Psychoanalysis: History Reads Theory - jstor

"censor" who deletes traumas. The case of Emmy von N., the first Freud records in Studies on Hysteria, may be considered the forerunner of the tension between ...

One Hundred Tenth Critical Bibliography of the History of ... - jstor

Diretta da Evandro. Agazzi. V. 1: Dal mondo antico al secolo. XVIII. ... GIORGIO STABILE: I1 primo oppositore del. Dialogo: Claude B6rigard. WILLIAM R. SHEA: ...

Introduction to the History of Müang Sing (Laos) - jstor

corroborated by the Chiang Khaeng Chronicle stating that the cao fa of Nan wh expedition ... Cao Nang Sunanta married the son of the ruler of Ch. Rung.

Ninetieth Critical Bibliography of the History of Science and Its ... - jstor

1512-1513, addressed from London to Giampiero. Machiavelli. ... (Kosmo- sophie, Bd. 1.) xvi 160 pp., pits. Wies- baden: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1962. DM.

The Life-History and Systematic Relations of the Mesozoa - jstor

The name, Mesozoa, was proposed by Rdouard van Beneden (1876) for the dicyemid parasites of the renal organs of cephalo- pod mollusks, to express his ...

The Theatrical Destruction of Subjectivity and History: Brecht's ... - jstor

Brecht wrote Trommeln in der Nacht without having explicitly articulated a the- ory of drama, but the different versions of the play create a theatrical intertext that.

a history of the development of oral rehydration therapy (ort) - jstor

tag ORT occurred in 1965, when David Sachar, Jim small town in the south between Chittagong an. Taylor and others at the Pakistan-SEATO Cholera Cox's ...

The Era of the Lemon: A History of Santa Paula, California - jstor

the history of Santa Paula on that lemon-imprinted paper. For nothing ... fornia Magazine, III [August, 1895], 142) provides a contemporary estimate of ...

Origins in History and Historiography: A Case Study of the ... - jstor

Historians interested in the origins of surf swimming at Bondi will find numerous relevant ... James Kohen defines Bondi as the “noise made by breaking waves” ...

Current Bibliography of the History of Science and Its Cultural ... - jstor

Gleiser, Marcelo. The Prophet and the ... Penny J. Gilmer, Opalescence at the. Triple Point: ... Steinle, Friedrich. ... tory Letters of Kepler's Astronomia nova.