Доклад о мировых инвестициях 2009 года - the United Nations

машинкила, синьюй мэй, хосе отавио ментен, Бруно варелла миранда ... стран юга (включая потоки юг-юг) настолько же значительны, как и пии из ...

Доклад о мировых инвестициях 2009 года - the United Nations - Documentos relacionados

Доклад о мировых инвестициях 2009 года - the United Nations

машинкила, синьюй мэй, хосе отавио ментен, Бруно варелла миранда ... стран юга (включая потоки юг-юг) настолько же значительны, как и пии из ...

Доклад о мировом развитии 2011 года - the United Nations

18 апр 2011 ... Набор и верстка: «Barton Matheson Willse and Worthington» ... Эти цифры имеют и человеческое изме- рение (рисунок F1.4).

Доклад о развитии человека 2009 - the United Nations

Педро Мануэль Морено, Иоланда Поло и Мелисса Эрнандес. Производство, перевод ... Однако реальная цифра во многом не определена. По мнению ...

United Nations Peace Operations 2009

31 Dec 2009 ... President Joseph. Kabila declared “zero ... And the Limnitis/Yesilirmak cross- ing was not the ... lage (“suco”) elections in a generally peaceful ...

Charter of the United Nations - United Nations Treaty Collection

Article 6. A Member of the United Nations which has persistently violated the Principles contained in the present Charter may be expelled from the. Organization by ...

united nations united nations environment programme ...

3 Sep 2015 ... Report of the online groups on eutrophication, contaminants and marine litter. UNEP/MAP. Athens, 2015. For environmental and economic ...


7 Oct 2004 ... Mme Julie KAMTO, Directeur a.i. au Ministere des Relations exterieures ... Ms. Emma Ester SABIO, Assistant, Permanent Mission ... Mme Sabrina DALLAFIOR, Centre de Politique de SecuritC internationale, Departement ... Mr. Adam Vai DELANEY, Adviser, International Issues, Pacific Forum Secretariat.

Holocaust - the United Nations

dated June 29, 1944, and signed by Joseph Mengele. (from hancock 2002, p. 49) the WorK of dr. menGele. Mengele's selections on the railway ramp at.

Разоружение - the United Nations

... ядерным оружием, продолжало обосновывать стратегическое значение своих ядерных вооружений. Пес- симистические настроения усугубил сенат ...

United Nations - unece

7 May 2006 ... mg/Nm3. Milligramme per normal cubic metre mg/t. Milligramme per ton. MCR. Maximum Continuous Rating. MFSK. Mixed feed shat kiln. Mg.

Permanent Missions to the United Nations

Mr. Salwan Rasheed Anjo Anjo. Minister Plenipotentiary. Mrs. Marwah Hikmat ... Alternate representatives: Mr. Mikael V. Agasandyan. Mr. Maxim V. Musikhin.

Re-enter the United Nations - OpenEdition

A Role for The Peacebuilding Commission in East Timor?* ... Tendo em conta a natureza ad hoc das missões ... Fretilin government failings and fallout. For want ...

vol. 893 - United Nations Treaty Collection

Sign6 A New York le Ier octobre 1973 . ... Opened for signature at New York on 7 March. 1966: ... csi rpa>KlaHHHOM OHOHi, a BTOpOfi-rpa>KIaH4HnOM Apyroi , ... u) rede de trilhos a6reos para a posterior manipulaqdo das carnes; ... o figado, a vesicula e os canais biliares e ainda os ginglios periportais (Lnn. peripor-.

maritime boundary - the United Nations

Source of published text: 595 United Nations ~redty Series 113. Amending protocol. Date of signature: 25 November 1971. Date of entry into force: 7 December ...

Preliminary information - the United Nations

13 May 2009 ... coasts, its continental shelf and its insular sill, in accordance with the principles of ... The northern Central America Pacific continental margin, north from 9 ... 1 Protti, M. Güendel, F. and Malavassi, E., Evaluación del Potencial ...

MDG 2 IN G HANA - United Nations in Ghana

of progress made towards achieving MDG 2 in Ghana, and reflects on what needs to be done as we transition to the post-. 2015 Sustainable Development Goals ...

Driving innovation - the United Nations

twitter.com/africarenewal www.un.org/ ... erate corner-cutting”—are a much bigger health problem than ... defeated by the current leader, Macky Sall. The key ...

Untitled - uncitral - the United Nations

Rafael Lasalvia Copene. Sobre un proyecto de ley uniforme pen. A. . ... Legal sociologie, 1962, 8°. (Travaux et conférences, IX, pp. 129. regulations, M., 1970.

10. United Nations Convention on Contracts for t

1 янв 1988 ... имевших место до или в момент его заключения деловых ... de sus negocios o las hubiere consumido o transformado conforme a un uso ...

Revised 20150602 - the United Nations

4 авг 2016 ... Russian. Original: English. 16-12772 (R) 310816 310816. *1612772*. Семьдесят первая сессия. Пункт 21(b) первоначального перечня*.

Chapter 17 Shipping - the United Nations

https://sistuf.dhn.mar.mil.br/arquivos/manual.pdf (accessed 20 June 2014). Canada (2011). Environment Canada, Birds oiled at Sea. http://www.ec.gc.ca/mbc-.

ежегодник по разоружению - the United Nations

18 дек 2019 ... (Боливарианская Республика), Вьетнам, Гаити, Гайана, Гамбия, Гана, Гватемала ... Adua Foundation, Asociacion para Politicas Públicas, Ban All Nukes ... подписавших Кодекс, размещен по адресу: www.hcoc.at/?tab=-.

Building on Monterrey - the United Nations

Retreat for Heads of State and Government: Briefing by President of Mexico. •. Statements and ... on the other hand the terms of trade exhibit a declin- ing trend countries have ... cially, the people of Monterrey, for the warm hospital- ity and the ...

A4 Roadmap_Cover_Final - United Nations ESCAP

and the ESCAP website (www.unescap.org/esd/). Rae Kwon Chung ... the International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom Awards) for its environmental.

Juvenile Delinquency - the United Nations

are all changes influencing relationships with family and friends, educational opportu- ... affected; as mentioned, crimes are usually committed by representatives of ... become young offenders, having already encountered violence in their ... respects not only on the unavailability of legal opportunities but also on the level of.

The Power of Propaganda - the United Nations

Photo: Hitler Youth members marching at a Reich Youth. Day rally in Potsdam, Germany, 1932. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection, Gift of William O.

Habitat Agenda - the United Nations

21. The Habitat Agenda is a global call to action at all levels. It offers, within a ... (e) Formulating and strengthening policies and practices to promote the full and ...

São Tomé and Príncipe - the United Nations

16 Mar 2018 ... chocolate in the United States, which has been the destination of increasing shares of ... 45 The information is confirmed by communications received from the Committee on ... Agencia Noticiosa de S. Tomé e Príncipe, “China promote novo capítulo nos laços com São ... capsicum or of the genus pimenta.

LDC-IV PST Accreditation List_270411 - the United Nations

27 Apr 2011 ... O Boticario. Brazil. OS-ACSC - Organizacao Social ... Burundi Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AFAB). Burundi. Federal Chamber of ...

the status of jerusalem - the United Nations

Palestinian territories occupied in 1967, including Jerusalem. 16. 4. Jerusalem occupied and expanded by Israel in June 1967. 17. 5. Israeli settlements in and ...

STI-LDCs TT&contents - United Nations ESCAP

Investment in science, technology and innovation (STI) needs to be the backbone of ... It has also set up a Fabrication Laboratory (the Fab Lab) with the help of ...

The World's Cities in 2016 - the United Nations

In 2016, 45 cities had populations between. 5 and 10 million inhabitants. By 2030, 10 of these are projected to become megacities and the population of one ...

Improving Security of United Nations Peacekeepers:

19 Dec 2017 ... Lieutenant General (Retired). Carlos Alberto dos Santos. Cruz was the. Force. Commander of MINUSTAH in. Haiti and MONUSCO in the.

guidelines for the use of the sdg logo including ... - the United Nations


1st Quadrennial Pacific Sustainable ... - the United Nations

SPTO-UN Partnership Projtec Proposal on Climate. Resilience, zero emissions tourism sector; the SP-. TO-UNDP partnership with Fiji private sector on.

Timor-Leste - United Nations ESCAP

contains clear commitments to achieving gender equality and stresses the importance of gender equality for the country's future. It identifies a few key goals ...