Musical Boundary-Work: Ethnomusicology, Symbolic ... - jstor

Jêje and Ijexá simply by reciting Jêje prayers after Ijexá prayers for each divinity. On the one hand, they demarcate the denominational boundary with prayer.

Musical Boundary-Work: Ethnomusicology, Symbolic ... - jstor - Documentos relacionados

Musical Boundary-Work: Ethnomusicology, Symbolic ... - jstor

Jêje and Ijexá simply by reciting Jêje prayers after Ijexá prayers for each divinity. On the one hand, they demarcate the denominational boundary with prayer.

Is There a Deleuzian Musical Work? - jstor

Whitney Houston, "One Moment in Time". SINCE THE WORK OF French philosopher Gilles Deleuze is so popular among many different circles of the musical ...

Association for Symbolic Logic - jstor

Correa da Silva, Flavio Soares, Inst. de Matematica e Estatistica, Univ. de Sao Paulo, C.P. ... Dresner, Eli, Group in Logic, U.C.B., Berkeley, CA 94720, USA.

Symbolic Sweatbaths of the Maya: Architectural Meaning in ... - jstor

The function of elite Maya architecture should not always be interpreted ... understanding of metaphor in Maya architecture. ... Blake and Blake 1988:41).6.

Insects as Emblems of Affection: Symbolic Displacement in ... - jstor

Insects as Emblems of Affection: Symbolic Displacement in. Selected Poems ... Dewey, she invokes "butterfly wings" in her "Invitation to Miss Marianne. Moore.

From symbolic to sub-symbolic information in question ... - INESC-ID

Jo˜ao Silva · Luısa Coheur · Ana Cristina Mendes · Andreas Wichert. INESC-ID Lisboa/ ... E-mail: {joao.silva,luisa.coheur,ana.mendes} E-mail: ...

Liberating Oneself from the Absolutized Boundary of Language - jstor

APPROACH TO THE INTERPLAY OF SPEECH AND. SILENCE IN CHAN BUDDHISM. Youru Wang. Department of Philosophy and Religion, Rowan University.

Guide to the Year's Work - jstor

critical field, many of which have been featured in prior installments of "Guide ... seph Milsand (drawing on a trove of letters now at the Armstrong Browning ... revenant and his "hedge-priest" hero John Ball share a common commitment to "the ...

The Life and Work of Marija Gimbutas - jstor

the Goddess by Marija Gimbutas. Hundreds of people from Western and. Eastern Europe, from as far north as Norway, converged during the opening week to ...

The Origin of the Work of Art in Material Practice - jstor

The Greek word techne is generally translated as art or craft, but there is really no ... But a dynamis derived from the incorporation of a techne is not a "property" ...

Work, Justice, and Hesiod's Five Ages - jstor

ages myth, and also editions of WD referred to, appears at the end of the paper ... The golden age of the five-ages myth is ... fraud, cheat, betray others, including.

Time and the work of Paul McCartney - jstor

While much has been written about Paul McCartney, his actual work as an individual ... the McCartneys harmonize: "Now let me lie with my love for the time I am.

The Visible Work of Macedonio Fernández - jstor

of Macedonio Fernandez. By JOHN C. MURCHISON. Fernandez, who died in Buenos Aires in 1952, remains unknown to most people, and an enigma to a few.

an introduction to the work of clifford geertz - jstor

on Bali and Java, and on Morocco. Geertz received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1956, from the Department of Social Relations in its glory days. He.

16 Trends to Future Fit Your Life, Your Work, and Your ... - jstor

Faith Popcorn and Lys Marigol ture Fit Your Life, Your Work,. HarperCollins, 1996. Faith Popcorn heads an agency monitors the culture to predict individuals ...

Transforming Work-Family Conflict into Commitment in ... - jstor

several years: Amagram (Amway), Applause (Mary. Kay), and Your Success (Longaberger). The founders and influential distributors of a network marketing ...

Geomorphic Work of Snow Avalanches in the Canadian ... - jstor

The geomorphic significance of snow ava- lanche1 ... Mountains has demonstrated that snow ava- lanches are a ... formy rel'efa v Khibinakh i puti ispol'zovaniia.

Communities of practice at work: gender, facework and the ... - jstor

of learning offered by Lave and Wenger (1991), with their introduction of the concept of 'community of ... Você pecou, você se sujou, você. 381 é imunda, porca.

fantasy and the sense of an ending in the work of katherine ... - jstor

AS A GENRE, THE SHORT STOFY has suffered from a certain critical neglect: it is the poor relation of poetry, on the one hand, and the novel, on the other.

Women Workers, State-Sponsored Work, and the Right to ... - jstor

Year II government order relocated thisatelier to the Faubourg Saint-Denis in the Section ... These included the occupations of carder, spinner, maker of culottes,.

Abraham Wald's Work on Aircraft Survivability - jstor

Abraham Wald's Work on Aircraf Survivabili. MARC MANGEL and FRANCISCO J. SAMANIEGO*. While he was a member of the Statistical Research Group.

Schopenhauer and Secular Salvation in the Work of JM Coetzee - jstor

16-17) and expresses gratitude for moments of grace in which he was saved from sin. His work ... that Lurie shows love to Driepoot by handing him over to be euthanized this frees him ... UZM/Philosonhv -.

Making a Living from Genji: Yosano Akiko and Her Work on ... - jstor

"Shin'yaku Genji monogatari no nochi ni," Shin'yaku Genji mono- gatari 4 (Kanao ... "Yosano Akiko to Genji monogatari-sono gy6seki to kako ni asobu. Akiko ...

Gestures at Work in Sense-Making Science Talk - jstor

Our project first reported on gesture in Crowder and Newman (1993). We found ... Quinton: (louder) I think they are all going to be the same because,.

HARMONIA - Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology

vocal score of his opera Jenůfa, knowing full well that she would not live to hear its public performance. Indeed she did not, and at the funeral service Janáček ...

Harmonia 8 - Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology

Dr. Graham Phipps. Harmonia is the in-house journal of the Graduate Association of ... settings of this poem are typically for a single voice, he also wrote a duet and a male ... nothing in the score specifies this disposition. Each line is written in.

Musical Soundtracks as a Schematic Influence on the ... - jstor

biguous film clips accompanied by positive, negative, and no music. Im- mediately after ... viewed these clips in the absence of any musical soundtrack but in two other groups, music ... Pichert, J. W., & Anderson, R. C. (l977). Taking different ...

Musical Aesthetics in Present-Day Cairo - jstor

Cairo: Dar al-Hilal. Nelson, Kristina. 1980 "The Art of Reciting the Qur'ain." Ph.D. diss., ...

Music education and ethnomusicology Keith Swanwick - Hugo Ribeiro

To our delight, Professor Keith Swanwick, a leading theorist in the field of music education, accepted the invitation to present a position paper based on relevant.

I Wanna Be Your Man: Suzi Quatro's Musical Androgyny - jstor

'Stumblin' In'. On this Chinnichap romantic duet about the start of a relationshi. Chris Norman and Suzi Quatro adopt normative pop music gender roles by seem.

The Rutles and the Use of Specific Models in Musical Satire - jstor

can be found on the following albums: "She Loves You, " The Beatles'Second Album,. Capitol ST2080; "Please ... Cash," where it is played over their jab at the Beatles' "Yellow S entitled "Yellow ... Close your eyes and HI —. M. t kiss you to.

Healing Process as Musical Drama: The Ebó Ceremony in the ... - jstor

ritual, a part of the African-Brazilian candomblé religion . The actions, texts ... The spiritual beings, the orixás , have an historical-mythological as well as a fa- ... Within candomblé , mythical stories ( lendas ) concerning the pantheon of orixás ...

The “Asian Bias” Illusion in Musical Performance: Influence of ... - jstor

sessment of musical quality is a well-recognized and well-researched ... clips of both Asian and Caucasian pianists randomly selected ... Davidson, J. W., & Edgar, R. (2003). Gender and ... Scena Musicale, 9, 20–22.

Jean-Frederic Edelmann, a Musical Victim of the French ... - jstor

The legend of Edelmann's sinister personality begins in the literature ... 9 William Bingley, Musical Biography, London, 1814, II, 366 and almost iden- tically in ... of the province and who, become the terror of the countryside, made torrents of.

instrumentos e donos na prática musical dos Kuikuro do alto ... - jstor

São Paulo, Online, 59(1): 201-223 [abril/2016]. 201 ... às flautas e clarinetes, a saber, o repertório das músicas a serem executadas. ... Cf. Montagnani, 2011.

Music for the Elite: Musical Societies in Imperial Rio de Janeiro - jstor

was founded in 1882, followed in 1883 by a Club Ricardo Wagner [sic], and later in the decade by a ... Aria from Elias,. Friihlingslied n?6 [K. 159] ... mesmo tempo para fazer ouvir aos seus consocios musica de mais alta escola, interpretada ...