The Genus Stenochlaena J. Smith with Description of a New ... - jstor

1932, non Presl; ibid. 9: 141. 1937; Copel. Fern Fl. Philip. 428. 1960; Holttum, 1969, pp. 51, 52. Stipes validus, basi fasces vasculares 100 vel ultra continens;.

The Genus Stenochlaena J. Smith with Description of a New ... - jstor - Documentos relacionados

The Genus Stenochlaena J. Smith with Description of a New ... - jstor

1932, non Presl; ibid. 9: 141. 1937; Copel. Fern Fl. Philip. 428. 1960; Holttum, 1969, pp. 51, 52. Stipes validus, basi fasces vasculares 100 vel ultra continens;.

Cousins in Conflict: Joseph Smith III and Joseph F. Smith - jstor

Joseph Fielding Smith, comp., Life of Joseph F. Smith, Sixth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co,.

The New Genus Potiguara - jstor

... de Biologia, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, rua Sdo Francisco X ... In the present work a new genus, Potiguara, is described to acommodate the ...

the genus wolffia (lemnaceae) in california - jstor

1898, are synonymous with W. brasiliensis Weddell, described ear- lier in 1849. Wolffia brasiliensis occurs throughout the southeastern. Madroño, Vol. 31, No.

The Genus Lycianthes (Solanaceae) in Venezuela - jstor

150-200 species of herbs and shrubs that range throughout the ... fructiferos mayores de 15 mm de lpngitud; localizada encima de 1500 m de elevac. Venezuela.

The genus Hippophaë L. A taxonomic study - jstor

tai-shan, inter Tao-lai-shui et Ch'a-ling, ca. 1 500 m, 24. IX. 1921 H. Smith 676 (UPS, A); Sze-ch'uan, reg. bor., Sung-pan, Representative specimens. 3 100 - 3 ...

A taxonomic revision of Casselia (Verbenaceae), a genus ... - jstor

attached to the margins of the carpels, a broad placental line ... lose; ovary with 1 carpel, 2 locules, and 2 ovules. ... (NY); Arraial do Cabo, Cabo Frio, 5 Oct. 1968 ...

Two New Species of Torrent Frog of the Genus Hylodes - jstor

Departamento de Vertebrados, Museu Nacional / UFRJ, Quinta da Boa Vista s/n, Sdo Cristo6vdo, CEP 20940-040,. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. ABSTRACT: We ...

a revision of the american species of the genus crateva ... - jstor

A taxonomie revision of Crateva by Jacobs. (1964), subdivided the genus into two sections, and only reported Crateva tapia L. and C. tapia forma palmeri (Rose) ...

A New Species of the Genus Athanas (Decapoda, Caridea ... - jstor

Cette esp?ce sp?cialis?e du genre Athanas est caract?ris?e par des yeux tr?s ... Cette nouvelle esp?ce est un des Alpheidae remontant le plus vers le Nord, ...

Phylogeny of the New World Genus Sisyrinchium (Iridaceae) - jstor

his self-published journal, Onira, but that are generally unknown because voucher sheets have not been distributed. Sisyrinchium is an annual or perennial ...

The Genus Amblyomma (Ixodidae) in the United States - jstor

Amblyomma cajennense (Fabricius, 1787). (Figs. 1 and 2). 1787. Acarus cajennensis Fabricius, p. 372. 1794. Ixodes cajennensis (Fabricius), p. 427. 1805.

A Revision of the Genus Thasus (Hemiptera: Coreidae ... - jstor


Mr. Smith - jstor

"The Star-Spangled Banner" at movie screenings, Mr. Smith helped define the changing ... the United States entered World War II, "going to the movies" was in actuality a potentially highly ... plsazaTeatreTilhury~, Ontarito, Cantada. Geat i 'Vat ...

with description of one new species - jstor

9640 (1 ale), rio Jad, near mouth of rio Negro, Parque. Nacional do Jaü, Novo ... MZUSP 42750 (1 ale, 34.9 mm SL), rio Cuiabâ, Baräo de Melgaço, 16°17'S, ...

Was Joseph Smith Influenced by Kabbalah? - jstor

12:21-23 = Copenhaver, Hermética , 48. For the kabbalistic understanding of emanation, see The Wisdom of the Zohar : An Anthology of Texts , ed. Isaiah.

Indirect Assessment of Confounding: Graphic Description and ... - jstor

Indirect Assessment of Confounding: Graphic Description and. Limits on Effect of ... (RR3 = 20.0)?reasonable values for a disease such as lung cancer.

Dartmouth Arminianism And Its Impact on Hyrum Smith And ... - jstor

BEHRENS : Dartmouth Arminianism and Its Impact on Hyrum Smith 167 ... Lucy Mack Smith in her history of the Smith family noted that Hyrum entered.

Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic Ethic, and Adam Smith - jstor

Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic Ethic, and Adam Smith. Harold B. Jones. ABSTRACT. In The Theory of Moral Sentiments (TMS). Adam Smith draws on the Stoic idea ...

The Political Economy of Alienation: Karl Marx and Adam Smith - jstor

KARL MARX AND ADAM SMITH. By E. G. WEST. KARL Marx's philosophical and sociological critique of capitalism centred upon alleged deleterious effects of ...

adam smith and karl marx: alienation in market society - jstor

For Marx, the alienation problem calls for a transformation of society altogether, and not merely for a wise civil magistracy. Introduction. Adam Smith's approach of ...

Doctrines of Salvation Joseph Fielding Smith - Works of Joseph Smith

Doctrines of Salvation Joseph Fielding Smith. A Voice from Cumorah Witnesses of Book of Mormon Chapter 12. WHY PLATES WERE RETURNED TO MORONI.


Запрещается выполнять ремонт котла самостоятельно. Все ... nerespectarea instrucţiunilor din prezentul manual. Instalaţia ... Modulare circulator de la 10 ...

genus evo - Interempresas

24 Jan 2012 ... Para a limpeza das partes exteriores, desligue o esquentador e coloque o interruptor exterior na posição de “OFF”. Efectue a limpeza com um ...


30 авг 2012 ... modul TEST ( tineti apsat butonul RESET timp de 10 sec ... кнопку RESET в течение 10 секунд и после входа в ... 7 % modulare pompa. 8. 2.

The Genus Fusobacterium

TOR HOFSTAD. The genus Fusobacterium includes several spe- cies of obligately anaerobic, nonsporeforming, motile or nonmotile, Gram-negative rods. Some.

Aloes: The genus Aloe

compound magic bullet cure. ... Bennett, R.N. and Dellar, J.E. (1992) Phenylethylamine and piperidine ... Aloe leaves were crushed in a commercial juicer.

und ob das genus mit dem sexus - GfdS

nus-Sexus-Bezug in Abrede stellen und damit das so- genannte ... che so genannten Genus-Sexus-Korrelationen (besser: ... ZDF_2018_Brosch.pdf>. 3.

The genus Elaphomyces - AscoFrance

2 Jun 2017 ... symeae), are likely to represent several new lineages in sect. Malacodermei, or to link more narrowly this section to sect. Ascoscleroderma. The ...

The genus Putterlickia -

Sims (1809) provided a description of Celas-. 22. 23. 2. 25. 26. 2. 28. 4. 7. 29. 30. 1 3 ... (PRE). - 3423 (Knysna): Salt River ncar Knysna town (-AA), Taylor 996.

Genus, Sexus und das Pronomen wer

Sprachen 2. Vorträ ge der 5. Münchner Linguistik-Tage 1995. München: lincom europa, 153-162. Genus, Sexus und das Pronomen wer. Karin Pittner, Stuttgart.


INTRODUCTION AND PRELIMINARIES. One of the fundamental problems in classical theory of minimal surfaces is the exis- tence of complete examples in the ...

Vadim A. Mel'nik Key to the fungi of the genus Ascochyta Lib ...

Land- Forstwirtsch. 379, 2000. Table 3. Size of conidia of some Ascochyta species (in µm). Species. Length × Width. Small conidia. A. coffeae Henn. 4-6 × 2.5-3.

A New Genus of Tapeworm (Cestoda: Onchoproteocephalidea) from ...

7 Oct 2017 ... A New Genus of Tapeworm (Cestoda: Onchoproteocephalidea) from Sawfish (Elasmobranchii: Pristidae). Authors: Caira, J. N., Jensen, K., and ...


Verde, 20 miles south of Fort Verde, 1. SPILOGALE GRACILIS SAXATILIS Merriam. GREAT BASIN SPOTTED SKUNK. Xpilogale saxalilis Merriam, N. Am.

Genus Pouteria - Semantic Scholar

Pouteria torta (Mart.) Radlk is one of the most studied species. From hexane and dichloromethane extract of flowers and fruits (David, 1993) were isolated.