AAAI-20 Poster Session Schedule

28 Jan 2020 ... Bingchen Liu, Yizhe Zhu, Zuohui Fu, Gerard de Melo, Ahmed Elgammal ... Ingyo Chung, Saehoon Kim, Juho Lee, Kwang Joon Kim, Sung Ju Hwang, ... 253-‐‑ NLP4420: LATTE: Latent Type Modeling for Biomedical.

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AAAI-20 Poster Session Schedule

28 Jan 2020 ... Bingchen Liu, Yizhe Zhu, Zuohui Fu, Gerard de Melo, Ahmed Elgammal ... Ingyo Chung, Saehoon Kim, Juho Lee, Kwang Joon Kim, Sung Ju Hwang, ... 253-‐‑ NLP4420: LATTE: Latent Type Modeling for Biomedical.


31 Jul 2018 ... Posters of the accepted abstracts can be viewed in Hall A of McCormick ... was associated with advanced clinical stage, the lymph node and distant metas- ... mary discharge diagnosis not related to a cardiac etiology were collected and fro- ... M. D. Coley, K. L. Sharp, A. D. Kay, P. D. Stubbs, S. J. Harding.

POSTER SESSIONS Poster session 1 - ORBi

inhibitor (AChEI) to assess IL 18 production by peripheral blood mononu- clear cells (PBMC) cultures in ... UCLA (Los Angeles, USA). The brain is selectively ... P360. Risk factors of epilepsy first developed in adults in Tatarstan. T. Danilova, M.

Poster Session - Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

ATIC REVIEW AND META-ANALYSIS. Ghulam Nabi1, Sashi S. Kommu2, James N. Dow1, Sam McClinton1. 1Academic Urology Unit, University of Aberdeen, ...

SBBq Abstracts From The Educational Poster Session - Brazil

14 Dec 2015 ... Gonçalves Bianco (Unifesp), Adriana Cassina (Universidade de la ... The app was developed at the website "Factory of apps", for free, and ...

S118 Poster Session III - Basic Science - Cardiac Diseases

NCM proportion was not associated with mortality. Risk of dying ... Therapeutic effect of carvedilol on cardiac function in streptozotocin-diabetic rats. B. Guven; Z.

general assembly of north carolina session 2017 session law 2018 ...

RECOVERY OF ASSETS OF THE TEACHERS' AND STATE EMPLOYEES' ... Any member whose retirement benefits have been forfeited under G.S. 120-4.3 or.

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10 Jul 2013 ... I-60: Tim Cardilin Tumor Static Exposure for anticancer combinations in early drug discovery . ... III-18: Christian Siebel Development of an adaptive dosing approach ... PK/PD modeling of immunological synapse-based tumor cell killing ... with uncomplicated pulmonary tuberculosis and treatment lasted for ...

BANNER / PÔSTER: O QUE É E COMO SE FAZ? O pôster é uma ...

O pôster é uma comunicação científica que tem o objetivo de demonstrar as informações e dados mais ... O sucesso da apresentação depende muito do layout.

AI Magazine - AAAI

name, which was coined by Nash et al. (2007). We ... paths (with the same end points) (Nash 2012). It is ... (b) Corresponding 2D Grid (Daniel et al. 2010).

Accepted Papers - AAAI

Yuandong Tian (Facebook); Rodrigo Fonseca (Brown University) ... Zihan Liu (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)*; Genta Winata (Hong ... of Melbourne)*; Jianzhong Qi (The University of Melbourne); Yu Sun (Twitter); Rui.

Robotics: Science and Systems IV - AAAI

and Fabios Ramos . The conference ... Oliver Brock is a professor of computer science at Tech- ... Fabio Ramos is a senior research fellow at the Australian.

Can Machines Think? The Quest for the Thinking Computer ... - AAAI

Turing Test of machine intelligence, held November 8, 1991 at The Computer. Museum, Boston. Robert Epstein ... intelligent entities. Would some ... song? How does that make you feel? 00:56:58 Judge 7: All of the above. 00:57:15 Terminal 5: ...

The Brazilian Portuguese Constructicon: Modeling ... - AAAI

Adrieli Laviola, Ludmila Lage, Natália Marção, Tatiane Tavares,. Vânia Almeida, Ely Matos, Tiago Torrent. Federal University of Juiz de Fora – FrameNet Brasil, ...

FA-KES: A Fake News Dataset around the Syrian War - AAAI

Fund (CRS) at the American University of Beirut. Copyright c 2019, Association for the Advancement of Artificial. Intelligence ( All rights reserved.

That's What Friends Are For: Inferring Location in Online ... - AAAI

That's What Friends Are For: Inferring Location in. Online Social Media Platforms Based on Social Relationships. David Jurgens. HRL Laboratories, LLC. Malibu ...

AI Wall Building in Empire Earth II - AAAI

To this end, the AI in Empire Earth® II (EE2) constructs bases of buildings in tight clusters and seeks to defend these bases by enclosing them with a wall for.

A Memory-Based RASH Optimizer - AAAI

A Memory-Based RASH Optimizer. Mauro Brunato, Roberto Battiti and Srinivas Pasupuleti. Dept. of Computer Science and Telecommunications. University of ...

SOMA Models of the Behaviors of Stakeholders in the Afghan ... - AAAI

A great portion of the country's economy is sus- tained by the cultivation of poppy, which is later used in the production of opium. Initially, most of the poppy fields ...

Collaboration in Social Problem-Solving: When Diversity ... - AAAI

Tabajara et al. 2013). ... also envision a setup in which all agents have an outer ra- dius of 10 and ... ond setup above (radius 10 and inner radius of 8.7) would.

Taxonomy of Pathways to Dangerous Artificial Intelligence - AAAI

against humanity and decide to destroy it. While it is one pos- sible scenario, it is probably the least likely path to appearance of dangerous AI. In this work, we ...

An Improved Quasi-Polynomial Algorithm for Approximate ... - AAAI

We focus on the problem of computing approximate Nash equilibria in bimatrix games. In particular, we consider the notion of approximate well-supported ...

What Kobe Bryant and Britney Spears Have in Common - AAAI

What Kobe Bryant and Britney Spears Have in Common: Mining Wikipedia for Characteristics of Notable Individuals. Pauline C. Ng. Independent Researcher.

Fuzzy-Classification Assisted Solution Preselection in ... - AAAI

4.44e-53[4] f2. 4.83e-77[1]. 2.23e-31[3]. 3.65e-31[4]. 3.41e-55[2]. 5.05e-31[5] f3. 9.84e-36[1]. 3.72e-09[5]. 6.31e-18[3]. 3.09e-27[2]. 1.82e-15[4] f4. 8.86e-29[1].

1994-Using Qualitative Physics to Build Articulate Software ... - AAAI

describes CyclePad, a fully implemented learning environment which captures a substantial fraction of a thermodynamics textbook's knowledge and is designed ...

Critical-Path Dead-End Detection vs. NoGoods: Offline ... - AAAI

implies φOFF, online during search, generalizing from already tested states to avoid ... conjunction G of facts (represented as a fact set), it suffices to achieve the ...

GAN-Based Realistic Face Pose Synthesis with Continuous ... - AAAI

[email protected], [email protected] Abstract. We present a novel approach for face pose synthesis. We leverage the power of Generative ...

A Factor-Based Exploration of Player´s Continuation Desire ... - AAAI

When games became more popular some studies tried to investi- gate the use of a game by extending the TPB model with concepts such as flow experience, ...

Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Exploring Illegal Streaming ... - AAAI

A Programming Model for Boss Encounters in 2D Action Games - AAAI

The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, and Sonic the Hedge- hog. Our future ... capture cases like a menu-based GUI in RPG battles, though we can model the ...

Fast Newton-CG Method for Batch Learning of Conditional ... - AAAI

To speed up Newton-CG methods for the CRF learn- ing, we derive a ... JavaTM code base and ran on Java HotSpotTM 64-Bit Server ... We thank Prof. S. V. N. ...

Semi-Supervised Automatic Generation of Wikipedia Articles ... - AAAI

generation of Wikipedia articles for such named entities. Automatically ... 2. inclusion of section headings that are uncommon but, im- portant to the ... Copyright c 2016, Association for the Advancement of Artificial. Intelligence ... **In Awards of the International Indian Film Academy 2001 Won Popular Award Best Female.

Bardo: Automatic Music Selection for Tabletop Role-Playing ... - AAAI

D&D videos suggests that Bardo's selections can be better than those used in the original ... CotW is played with D&D's 5th edition, and in addition to the DM, the ...

Session 2 - TechnoKids

They learn new word processing skills. Merchandise is promoted using a SmartArt Graphic and sale details are attractively displayed in the header and footer. A ...

YAC Session - Now Magazines

fun, sun and historical treasures. ... Sugar-sand beaches, emerald waters, ... And include a sensible “cheat” meal once ... Moon by William Joyce and watch the.

Session 5 - August

China; the Great Teacher Dengyo (Saicho) of Japan; and Nichiren Daishonin. It maintains the orthodox lineage and tradition of Buddhist humanism that began.